Complete Guide for Visiting the Myra Falls in Austria – Awesome Hiking Day Trip!

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Myra Falls Myrafälle Austria

Myra Falls Austria is a beautiful waterfall, a hidden gem in Austria, near to Vienna in the Vienna Alps. We took a day trip to the waterfalls from Vienna and hiked the whole day in the area. It’s a perfect day trip for travelers who visit Vienna or Austria, but it’s also a wonderful weekend trip for families, couples or friends who live in the area. Read our complete guide for visiting the Myra Falls, or Myra Fälle in German! 🙂  



Myrafälle - Myra Falls

The Myra Falls is a natural wonder, a green oasis very close to Vienna. They are located in a ravine in the municipality of Muggendorf in the Austrian federal state of Lower Austria. The ravine has been cut by the Myrabach, a small tributary of the Piesting.

The gorge extends over 600 meters and the subsoil of this protected natural monument is limestone. There are 26 bridges and a lot of walkways around the gorge, and information boards that provide info about the waterfalls. 

More than 5 million liters flow through the Myra Falls daily! 

The hiking trail was built in 1885 by the Pernitz branch of the Austrian Tourist Club.

Interesting facts

In September 1801 Emperor Franz II, Empress Maria Theresia, Crown Prince Ferdinand Karl Leopold Josef, and Archduchess Maria Ludovica also visited the Myra Falls, there is even a plaque that commemorates this event at the entrance.

Myra Falls Myrafälle Austria

How to get there? 

Address: Myrafälle 1, 2763 Muggendorf

 It is still a hidden gem, but it can get busy between 10 am and 1 pm, so if you really want to beat the crowds, arrive at 8 am or later in the afternoon. They open at 8 am, and they close when it gets dark, depending on the season.

Myra Falls Myrafälle Austria

From Vienna 

By car 

It takes about 1,5 hours to get there by car, it’s very easy from Vienna. If you don’t have a car, you can rent one in Vienna. Most people come by car, so there are big parking lots near the waterfalls. 

By train

By train, it takes approx. 1,5 hour from Vienna to Pernitz - Muggendorf train station. First, you have to take a train to Wiener Neustadt, then take the other train to Pernitz-Muggendorf. You can get your tickets online - click here! 

You can also buy the tickets at the train station, but it’s cheaper if you get the tickets in advance. Depending on the day and time, the ticket for one way can be between 20-30 euros. 

When you arrive at Pernitz-Muggendorf, you can take another bus to the waterfalls, but you can also walk. We actually hiked for about 50 minutes to arrive at the entrance. It’s an easy road, you basically walk from Pernitz to Muggendorf. 

By bike

It is a very easy and eco-friendly way! It can be directly reached via the Piestingtal cycle route. The well-signposted cycling track branches off in Pernitz and leads to the Myra Falls. E-bike users please note: There is an E-bike charging station near the entrance.

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From Hungary 

Myra Falls are also close to the Hungarian border, it shouldn’t take longer than 1,5 hours to get there from Sopron. It’s also very easy to come from Hungary by train, you can take a train from one of the Hungarian cities (Sopron, Szombathely) to Wiener Neustadt, and then take the train to Pernitz-Muggendorf. 

Entrance to the Myra Falls 

The entrance ticket to the waterfalls is 5 euros for adults, which includes the Myra Falls (25 min), the Water World (20 min), and the Wander World (55 min). 

If you also want to go up to the “Steinwandklamm”, then you can buy a combined ticket for 8 euros. That hiking trail is an extra 2-3 hours hiking, and there is a restaurant on the top as well. 


You can get your ticket in the machines at the entrance, but you can also buy it at the cashier. You can also get a map at the entrance and an information brochure.

Click here for some information at the official page of Vienna day trips 🙂 

Myra Falls Austria

Just follow the signs, you can't miss the Myra Falls! 🙂

Muggendorf Austria Österreich

the view of Muggendorf from above, you will see this when you hike from Pernitz to the waterfalls

Myra Falls Day Trip in Austria
Myra Falls Myrafälle Austria

One of the bridges over the Myra Falls

Myra Falls Austria - Myrafälle

What to see? 

The tour takes about 2 hours (Myra Falls + Water World + Wander World + Hausstein), depending on how fast are you hiking and how many breaks are you taking. We actually spent the whole day there, but it’s because we stopped everywhere to take photos, we ate lunch in a restaurant, and we also stopped several times for a break. You will find benches everywhere, so feel free to sit down if you’re tired. 


So first we hiked the trail “Myra Cascades”, that is basically the waterfall gorge. It feels like a wonderworld with all the bridges! 

On the map you can see numbers, those are the important points or attractions, like the mill or the lake, you can always find an information board there. 

After point 4 - The old road, you will find a checkpoint where you have to check your tickets, so don’t throw it away, because you will need it also when you return. 

Then you will find a sign that says that you can go to the left - to the “Wanderwelt - Wander World” or to the “Wasserwelt - Water World”. If you go to the left, you will hike through a forest and at the end you can go up on the mountain rock called “Hausstein”. 

If you go to the right, you will find more rivers and small waterfalls, an at the end a lake. There you can find a playground and some restaurants as well. We chose that road first, and we ate in the restaurant some Austrian dishes. 

Then we decided to go to the top of the Hausstein (point 9 on the map) as well, so we took the trail “Wander World”. 

The views from Hausstein are absolutely magnificent! You will see the town Muggendorf and other mountains as well. 

After that, we went back to point 4 on the green trail and then went back to the entrance.

Myra Falls  Map Austria Muggendorf

the little map in the information brochure

Viewpoint Hausstein Austria Myra Falls Muggendorf

Viewpoint Hausstein!

Hausstein Myra Falls Muggendorf Austria Day Trip

Where to stay? 

Well, there are some guest houses in the area, but we think the best is to stay in Vienna.

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Complete Guide for Visiting the Myra Falls in Austria - Perfect Day Trip from Vienna
Complete Guide for Visiting the Myra Falls in Austria - Perfect Day Trip from Vienna

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