Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort – The greenest hotel in Khao Sok

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Thailand has a huge area covered with 32.1% of evergreen and monsoon forests. Some of them are preserved in huge natural reservoirs and national parks.

The Khao Sok National Park is the largest forest in whole south Thailand, it covers over 700 square kilometers. It’s also the oldest rainforest in the world, even older than the Amazonas!

This mystical place contains 5% of the wildlife species of the world! There is a huge possibility that you will find elephants, frogs, snakes, mouse deers, and tons of interesting insects wandering in the jungle. This place is definitely offering a lot of adventures!

Luckily, there is a place where you can immerse yourself in nature, but also enjoy the comfort of a resort. The best part? It’s an eco-resort that sets nature conservation and sustainability as a priority! Let us tell you about our experience in Our Jungle Camp - Eco Resort.

Our Jungle Camp - a sustainable paradise

We spent 3 amazing nights in Our Jungle Camp, a brand-new eco-resort in the Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. The resort is located right next to the river, near to its “big brother”, Our Jungle House.

Our Jungle House was founded 35 years ago by the pioneer of eco-tourism in Thailand, Dick Sandler, and only some years ago he founded Jungle Camp as well. 

They offer accommodation in treehouses, bungalows, bamboo huts with incredible views. The architecture is completely sustainable, the houses are made of eco-friendly and renewable materials, mainly bamboo.

Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort Thailand treehouse

Treehouse in Our Jungle Camp

If you’re lucky, you can also watch some animals from your window or while you walk in the garden, like geckos or even monkeys. 

Our Jungle Camp offers delicious organic food in their restaurant. The meals are made from locally made ingredients, or fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown in their own on-site organic garden.

The next map will show you the location of Khao Sok National Park and of Our Jungle Camp

The great welcome

After arriving at the Khao Sok National Park bus station, we got picked up by the kind staff of the property. At the reception, the staff kindly welcomed us with big smiles and with delicious butterfly pea flower tea. After that, they accompanied us to the Treehouse where we spent the next 3 nights. 

Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

 Our Treehouse

We spent 3 amazing nights in one of the amazing treehouses of Our Jungle Camp! Each treehouse has a unique name, ours was called Plantation. The treehouses are mainly family oriented, as they have two floors, with a double bed on the 1st floor and a double bed and two single beds on the second floor. 

All the materials of the treehouses are sustainable (wood, bamboo) and the construction is perfect for keeping the air fresh inside the treehouse, so AC is not necessary, there are only some fans on the roof. 

Every bed in the cabins has a special mosquito net, so you won’t need to worry about mosquitos in the night. 

Treehouse Our Jungle Camp Couples Retreat
Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort Couples Retreat
Treehouse Our Jungle Camp Couples Retreat

 Sustainable initiatives in the eco-resort 

The resort has plenty of sustainable initiatives, they constantly try to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and their carbon footprint. They also work closely with the local communities to develop projects in pro of the National Park. Some of the initiatives are:

  •         Sustainable architecture and sustainable construction materials
  •         Natural toiletries like refillable liquid soap
  •         No A/C, saving energy in the property 
  •         Drinkable water in the rooms and the reception for your bottle.
  •         Organic farm – bio vegetables and fruits grown without pesticides
  •         Cleaning liquids without chemicals
  •         No plastic straw or design, they use biodegradable sugarcane products and reusable metal straws
  •         Recycling trash
Trash recycling Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort

Our Jungle Organic Farm

The resort has a goal to become completely self-sustainable, in order to achieve that, they grow and harvest rice, pumpkin, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and broccoli, bananas and papaya in the garden.

They avoid the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides in order to avoid affecting the natural balance. The farm is also seasonal, that means that they have different kinds of products all along the year without over producing and keeping the products fresh.

These vegetables and fruits are later used in the restaurant, keeping a fresh and seasonal menu that offers a lot of vegan and vegetarian options for the guests.

Organic Farm Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort Thailand
Organic Farm Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort Thailand

Our Jungle Restaurant and Bar

For affordable prices you can get delicious meals in the restaurant in the Our Jungle Camp. The atmosphere is unique! You have to walk barefoot on the wooden stairs to reach the cute restaurant. Then the lovely staff welcomes you with huge smiles, and you can admire the diverse menu. They offer Thai and international food as well, made of seasonal vegetables. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all available, and you can also get some cocktails and drinks in the bar.  

They, of course, don’t use plastic straws, we got a metal straw! The napkins are made of recyclable materials. 

Restaurant Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort _ Organic Food
Restaurant Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort _ Organic Food
Restaurant Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort Khao Sok National Park

Social Responsibility

Sustainability is not just about being kind to the environment, but also about social responsibility and giving back to the community and the local people. Our Jungle Camp takes social responsibility very seriously as well. They organize workshops for their staff and for the local Thai children as well. They educate and teach children about sustainable living, and invite people from other towns. The nature camp runs twice a month in a part of the facility separated from the resort. They also work with international schools and can supply bespoke programs on sustainability and the general natural environment.

Our Jungle Camp Couples Retreat

 Tours and activities

Our Jungle Camp also offers tours and activities in the Khao Sok National Park and in the eco-resort. They provide everything from overnight lake experiences on Cheow Lan Lake, night safaris, morning walks, tubing, to yoga or cooking classes, and of course Thai massages!

We took two tours, the night safari and the full-day tour to the Cheow Lan Lake, but there are plenty of other activities as well. If you have some free time, you can even just go tubing on the river, or go for a trek in the jungle!

Night Safari - Animal watching in the jungle!

Our Jungle Camp provides amazing night safari experiences as well! The entrance fee to the National Park is not included in the price of the tour, that’s why it’s recommended to take a full-day tour the day after the night safari.

An experienced guide can take you to the jungle for a 2 hours nocturnal adventures, during which - if you’re lucky - you can spot some of the jungle animals, like bats, lizards, the civet cat, insects or slow loris.

Our night safari started at 7 pm, our guide picked us up in his car at the reception of the Jungle Camp. He took us to the entrance of the Khao Sok National Park, where we paid the entrance fee (300 Baht). Then he gave us some flashlights and we started our adventure!

Unfortunately, it started to rain, so we didn’t see as many animals as we wanted to, but it was still a fun experience! We spotted some frogs, birds, insects and had an adventurous night trekking in the rainforest 🙂

Night Safari in the Khao Sok National Park
Night Safari in the Khao Sok National Park

Full - Day Cheow Lan Lake Tour

The next day we took a full-day tour to the Cheow Lan Lake. The tour started at 8.30 am, they picked us up at the reception and we joined a group of people from all over the world, looking for some adventures. 

Cheow Lan Lake is surrounded by limestone cliffs and green forests, lies in the beautiful Khao Sok National Park. The name of the lake is officially Khao Sok Lake, its local name is Cheow Larn.  Khao Sok Lake escaped the pollution caused by industrialization thanks to the local communities. 

Cheow Lan Lake Tour in the Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
Cheow Lan Lake Tour in the Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

The lake is also home to a variety of freshwater fish, making it a valuable source of food for the local bird population, which number as many as 311 different species.

Since its construction in 1987, the hydroelectricity created by the Ratchaprapha Dam in Cheow Larn Lake supplies sustainable power to large parts of Southern Thailand. The lake itself has also brought jobs to local villagers, who work as fishermen or they work in eco-tourism.

Cheow Lan Lake Tour in the Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

First we went to Takun town to visit a local market where everyone could buy local food and colorful souvenirs. After that in a few minutes we arrived to a pier and we took a traditional long tail boat. Then we started our incredibly beautiful 1 hour journey to the floating raft houses in the middle of the lake. On the journey we saw wonderful limestone cliffs and the view was just unreal and magical! 


People Tree

Good food and good time!

We ate a traditional Thai lunch in the floating house, with our new friends who we met on the tour. We had an interesting, international group with young people from all over the world! After the lunch, we spent some time swimming near the houses in the emerald colored water! 

The next stop was the Coral cave! We decided to go trekking in the jungle to reach the coral cave. The entrance fee to the coral cave is 200 Baht.

On the road we saw monkeys as well! The cave was also incredible, we watched very unique stalactites. Our guide was so fun, he made up interesting stories about the formations. 


Jungle trekking _ Cheow Lan Lake Tour in the Khao Sok National Park

Trekking in the jungle to the Coral Cave

Coral Cave_ Cheow Lan Lake Tour in the Khao Sok National Park

Exploring the Coral Cave with our guide at the Cheow Lan Lake in the Khao Sok National Park

Whitout doubt, we got one of the most amazing experiences of our life here in Our Jungle Camp. In these times, where the integrity of our mother earth runs in danger, be able to spent a good time to admire and learn about the nature in a place that worries and work in pro of the environment is the best!

We are looking forward to go back to Thailand, explore more from the Khao Sok National Park and of course, spent some more time in Our Jungle Camp. The greenest and most sustainable resort in the Thai rainforest.

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